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Necrons Selfbuild Overlord with Lore by TheBl4ckCat Necrons Selfbuild Overlord with Lore by TheBl4ckCat
Here he is, my favourit Overlord, the last painted Necron Charactermodel I had to upload, only painted Infantry and Tanks left.
I thought that the 'Tachyonenpfeil" which I cannot properly translate, I guess something like "Tachions Arrow" which looks like this… (picture by lexicanum) is a bit tiny to be one of the strongest weapon in the game, since it´s just the size of a watch and is able to shoot through mountains. I was like "yeah sure" when I read that, I wanted something that looks more impressive, so I build 2 armcannons that are more capable of doing that.

Moreover these have the energy to protect him from enemy attacks with generating a force field and can be used as armblades to slice through his enemys, if they don´t kill themselves while the Braincontroldrones try to take over their minds.

Some people even say he can use  these as wings and fly away (I never thought about that before someone else said that). At least I have to agree that these are pretty big, and it wasn´t planned to become that big. These weapons are both bigger than the wielder. The only explanation there is for him to be able to use them is that he is a Necron, his body is living metal.

I think this dude just looks Overpowered like he was as an HQ choice in the last Codex, I don´t know about the recent Codex though, need to read it more intensively.

More Necrons…

Modelparts by Games Workshop
Painted by me


              His Lore written by me:

(changelog: 22.2.2015:    I tried to get it easier to read, but it isn´t that easy to sort the text, since the lines are that long on Deviantart.)
(                  13.3.2015:     tried it again)
(                 17.6.2015:    Improved grammar)
(note: In my Lore he is also using a shadow mantle from the old Codex and 2 gauss Blaster that you can see within the Armcannons,
            the smaller size is compensated with the energy overload when he cooles the weapons from being fired as "Tachyonenarrow" )

"Scriptor Magister Daniel, what happened down there, where Is Chapter Master Tristan?" asked a Chaplain of the Angels of Purgatory
"We will have to talk about that later for now we have to evacuate immediately!" Daniel shouted "Orks aren´t the only enemy on this planet, brother".
The Chaplain ensured that he had his Skull like helmet on, while he didn´t notice what was happening around him.
He feared that others could notice his shock about the meaning of this message, he wasn´t long in this position but he was the one that had to give his battlebrothers courage to fight,
it would be bad if someone would notice that his body is trembling.
Only after a seargent asked him to get ready for departure he moved to his seat.
Within the Thunderhawk he heared Scriptor Magister Daniel´s voice in the com
"We have no choice but to abandone this planet the Waaagh Geznik is doomed anyways, we didn´t know that this is a Tomb world, the Necrons are awaking,
but we cannot destroy them before it is too late the Orcs are in our way, not being aware of the danger. We have to return with reinforcements to destroy them when the Orcs are already dead."
"Which reinforcement? we sent nearly the whole Chapter to get the relic from Geznik back, four of our remaining six Kompanies are here and no other Space Marine Chapter is near this system."
the chaplain wispered to himself not trusting his own voice.
There was just silence in the com for a moment, the Space Marines that lissened to Scriptor Magister Daniel where unsecure what they are supposed to do,
if they would come back and why Chapter Master Tristan wasn´t speaking. The Chaplain knew that it was his time to speak, that they would come back
and get the artifact that was found from the ancient war, but lost to these Orcs, becouse they overran their Homeworld, raided their HQ while most of them were away.

He had to tell them that they would revenge the loss of their Homeworld and burn these Xenos, but he knew that it wasn´t possible.
They had no way to do that anymore, the Orcs would be killed by the Necrons, if Daniel said so it had to be true, but if the Necrons were able to do that,
this has to mean that they are a bigger thread, he only read about them in the old Library, which didn´t even exists anymore, since the Orcs destroyed their Homeworld.

The Necron were a very old race of Xenos. Nobody knows for sure where they came from, it is only known that there are so called Tombworlds where they sleep,
inactive until someone 'makes too much noise', how they got there or why they sleep is something nobody knows.
That they are nearly indestructible since they dematerialize when they are damaged, to get repaired within their Tomb-basees is one of the small things that were discovered.
It was said that they were the Nemesis of the Eldar and some think they are even older than these Xenos, but one thing is for sure, they are no ordinary Enemy.
The Eldar warned them for this to happen, but they don´t trust Xenos and so the warnings were ignored.
"Where is Chapter Master Tristan?" finnally somebody broke the silence "where are we heading?" somebody else spoke to forget about the fear the first question was causing him,
it was too late that the chaplain noticed that it was his own voice.
"We are heading to the Nerios system to repair our gear there, from there we will communicate for reinforcements to get rid of this new thread" Scriptor Magister Daniel answered.
"But what about Chapter Mast..." someone was intterupted "Know your place Severin" the Chaplain scolted.
'Yes' he thought, he had to keep control about himself and don´t loose the respect of his battlebrothers, but the only thing that he caused was confusion in the ranks of the Angels of Purgatory,
they noticed that his voice was trembling, that he wasn´t fearless at the moment, even though Space Marines shall know no fear and Chaplains are the symbol of this believe.
The chaplain noticed the different aura within his thunderhawk, he noticed thay they noticed. He began to doubt about himself, he was just a chaplain for 2 years,
since their Homeworld was destroyed and they were short in chaplains, so they had to recruit from those who weren´t ideal for the job.
He wasn´t ideal for the job and in the same moment he knew that doubt is the first step into one´s demise.
Scriptor Magister Daniel noticed that the chaplain was in bad mental state and that he had to do something to retain morale to fight, but moreover he had to tell them the truth somewhen,
before they understand it becouse of the chaplains admiration to Chapter Master Tristan. If he had known that this would happen, he wouldn´t had tried to help his friend,
but was he himself ready to accept the truth? He had to lie to them, they would fall into panic, if he would tell them the truth.

"I will take the commando until we reach our destination, there we will elect the new Chapter Ma.." he was interrupted by the chaos of voices that spoke into the com,
first they lost their homeworld, than their revenge and now their Chapter Master what could possibly be worse? They had no idea. "SILENCE... , we will hear what happened"
stopped the Chaplain the voices, his own voice going off at the end.

"We were fighing our way through the masses of Orcs, wanting to reach Geznik. Chapter Master Tristan at the front,
flanked by his Honourgoard together with me and the new Master Apothecarius Virion"

everybody knew the real Master Apothecarius died on their Homeworld trying to defend it

"when suddently many Orks dissappeared from our vision, after a while we saw that a huge hole was opened near us,
more a ramp than a hole, gigantic in it´s size and what came through were the silent legions of marshing Necrons,
killing every Ork that happened to roll down the ramp, or more like breaking their bodies into molecular layers
and attrac these molecules back to the weapon at incredible speed, like a army of deadly hoovers,
getting the dust away from this planet. However these weren´t the only weapons that they used,
it seemed that way heavier lasers, which´s origin we didn´t know, were targetting the heavier Orc vehicles and cutting through them like butter.

As soon as Chapter Master Tristan noticed that, he ordered everyone to retreat, we had no time for explaination back then,
we didn´t know exactly where the Necrons attacked, but we knew that they did it simultaniously at several different location.
The Problem we encountered was the Overlord. First we were able to get some distance between us and the main core of the Orc army
and to our luck it seemed that the Necrons targeted the Orcs first, as if they would hate them more than us.
We noticed fast that the morale of the Orcs broke, it seemed that either they were slain in hordes or Geznik died.
It didn´t take long until we realized it was both, they seemed to know how to fight against Orcs even though they slept for longer than we can remember,
us never noticing that they were here for an eternity.
It didn´t take long after the Orc moral broke that the first Night Scythe flew above us
and teleported over long range ten Necrons that were even bigger than Space Marines equipped with long Blades and Shields that created strong forcefields,
comparable to our Stormshields, the Honorguard engaged them toghether with Chapter Master Tristan,
while I created a Psionic barrier that kept the Orcs from our fight away,
but then I saw a shadow appearing behind Tristan and I screamed into the Com 'behind you Tristan!',
my barrier broke while I wasn´t concentrating anymore, but only becouse of the Master Apothecarius Virion,
that trow himself against Tristan to get him out of the way, Tristan could dodge the Laser that cut through Virion and a Honourguardsmen instead.
The Laser that killed Virion came right from the shadow that entered my Psionic barrier as if it weren´t existing.
The shadow was now a Necron as big as the others that were fighting the left 9 Honorguardsmen,
but every aspect of him told you that he was the commander of this Tombworld, he had a sort of golden crown on his head
and a mantle that looked like it´s burning within red shadows. He wielded two giant blades, that were even bigger than himself,
from his right handed Blade just came the deadly Laser, while he held his left Arm up as a shield to block the fire of a stormcannon from a Terminator that started firing at him,
since the light that the Laser emitted caused everyone near to target him, if he wasn´t otherwise in close combat.

We all wanted to protect our beloved Chapter Master Tristan. Even the Orks started to run at the Overlord wanting to get this weapons from his dead body,
but he slowly turned and shoot a rain of lesser gauss lightnings into the storming Orcs. Even these seemed to be stronger than normal Gauss weapons,
since using them a short time gave him enough time to reposition himself so he could duel Tristan.
The next moment the Chapter Champion jumped in front of the Overlord and began to duel him instead,
while Tristan, me and the rest of the Honorguard had to fight not only the remaining shield wielding Necrons,
but another group of ten Necrons with big Warscythes that fought in perfect harmony with the remaining five same looking Necrons.

We had luck that they didn´t arrive at the same time, but now it was a big chaos, we weren´t just fighting each other,
but also fighting the remaining Orcs that run at us at the same time. I felt how the Aura of the Chapter Chapion disappeared.
I felt from the beginning of their duel that the Champion Eduran had no chance against the Overlord.
The only things left alive were the Oldest of the honourguard and a former Captain, which joined the Honourguard,
since there weren´t enough Space marines of his company left to make it a wise decision remaining being one.
The former Captain run in a straight line to the Overlord to engage him, but that was the last mistake he would ever make.
The Overlord just used the weapon that was installed in his left arm to shoot another of these diabolic lasers to kill him instantly.
While Tristan saw one of his closest friends dieing he was distracted and in that time the Overlord took his head with his oversized blades.
It was too late for me to do anything and the rest of us, the eldest of the honourguard, who carried the Chapterbanner
and the last Terminators that weren´t fighting right beside us but keeping most of the Orcs away, were forced to get back to our Thunderhawks.
At the end just I could survive the escape from the Necrons with the help of my Psionic-Forcefield."

'Of course I couldn´t tell them the truth, that I wanted to help Tristan while he was fighting with the Overlord,
with melting the Overlord with my Psionic fire. I thought after the former Captain died,
that even my friend the Chapter Master Tristan could not beat him alone.
As I concentrated to call a projection of the Purgatory fire, the Overlord just looked for a short time at me
and some seconds later I had the unbelievable will to shoot the melting shot at my beloved friend, but I could surpress that,
the thing that went wrong was, that I stopped concentrating on the powers of warp for a small amount of time,
but that was enough to make me call a catasthrophe.

 I called the Purgatory flames themselve on this planet and everything that was in my reach just melted,
the only thing I could see before I lost my consciousness for the time of my summoning, was that the Overlord turned himself into a shadow again and disappeared,
so he wouldn´t be consumed like everything else by the flames, like my beloved friend.....
I was just able to escape, becouse for a moment the Overlord, which stood far away on a hill, watching over the battlefield,
or more the lavapool that the purgatory flames caused, seemed to give the order not to come near me.
I believe he thought that I could do that again, but I don´t know yet why it was that strong, why I survived that.' Scriptor Magister Daniel was thinking.

The Tunderhawks reached their respective ships in the orbit while everyone was in silence, it was a feeling like being in space coffins,
nobody talked, and the four ships of the fleet that were still able to jump readied themselves to leave the evacuated hulls of the ships behind,
that took too much damage fighting the Waaagh, to follow them.
The Chaplain headed together with the Scriptor Magister to the Sacturary of the ship  'Emperiors Breath', key element of fleet,
to wish farewell to all those battlebrothers who died fullfilling their duty.

The the remaining ships of the fleet were able to jump into the warp to get through distances that normally weren´t possible to fly through,
but just protected with the small Gellerfield from the deamons that life within the warp. While the journey through the warp Daniel became a headache.

"next time try to think about why you don´t even frown about killing your own friend and Chapter Master. Did you know where you got all that power from?
 I helped you! Now you have to help me!" and an evil lough were the last things Scriptor Magister Daniel heared in his mind before his head exploded,
 causing a psionic wave that deactivated the already from the war against the Orcs damaged Gellerfield-system and opened a portal which let the demons from the Warp come into the ship.
 Moreover the Tzzench demon spoke:

"let´s have a feast, nothing will stop us now!!!"
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Empyronaut Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016
Meh....könnte mehr Dakka vertragen. Shrug 

English translation: I hereby want to respectfully point on the possibility of adding more long range firepower to this character to gain more superiority over the enemy during a battle and to make it look even more impressive in both; the enemy`s and the allies eyes. Thank you very much for allowing this thought. :fancy:

(now you know, why german is far superiour to every other language)
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
These are superold reliqs and there is not much simmilar within any army. He is already feared by the enemy and some try to lought about his weapons that look like wings, so they don´t just tremble in fear.
Empyronaut Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
I was just silly... Blush 
SouthPawStudio Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I swear, Necron lords are some of the funnest models to scratch build and make for some of the best conversions. Great job, love the model. 
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is relatively rare seeing conversatons in necron armies though, armies like orcs or space marines have it way easier.
I wish there were more necron collectors that convert, in my hobbyclub there isn´t a single one converting necrons.

I still want to thank you for the compliment
SouthPawStudio Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
If your at all interested I have a nice collection of some converted necrons here:…
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
These are really good convertions.... wow ..... I have never seen so many good necron conversions before
I should do more of them myself.
thank you for showing them to me, I knew you had some but I didn´t knew they were so many of them.
SouthPawStudio Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It was my pleasure, and thank you for all the Favorites.
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If I really like a miniature, then I want to show it.
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016  Professional Writer
Wow that is amazing! =O I do a lot of custom work on all my Necrons +) A lot of custom creations including my weapons and this is an amazing idea =) never really considered adding stuff around the dispersion shield but how you turned them into these big shield cannons, its really awesome heh =D
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thank you for your kind words. I allways try to find something to make my necrons something special, this is partly why I choose this paintsheme to.
In the end I achieved what I wanted for my Overlord.
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Professional Writer
Well I really love the result so I got nothing but praise for it ^^
I apologize if I end up more or less taking your idea and decide to try out some shield gun arm stuff for myself haha XD but for now thank you as well for your compliment =)
Baryonyx62 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Great paintjob! :D
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
: D I try my best with the charactermodell conversions I do
thank you
SoulRebel9 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
Nice work!
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thank you for the feedback ; D
Adeptussolus Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Now that is a realy cool looking Overlord and the the stroy is great too.
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thank you for the feedback, I don´t think many read the story becouse it´s so long and not that well written, since I´m german not english, so I´m honored that you took the time to read it
BioVass Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
Dat'z sum big'n'shooty dakkaz!
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yea I really wanted that they deserve the "S10 DS1" they had, basically the second strongest single target weapon in the game
Hammerhead333 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Yo, big Guns:ohnoesrambo: 
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yea, I wanted to have something epic and I think this is what I´ve got here.
Hammerhead333 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
You have managed this. With the cannons he can hurt really nicely
oh dude thats badass!
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thank you for that feedback, it tells me that I reached what I wanted to do with this Overlord.
dude its so badass it makes me want to make a necron army instead of continuing to use my 9th legion marines 
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is just hard to convert Necrons, you really need time to get Ideas to convert them,
since they don´t have many spare parts like most the other armies and you have to find something special as paint sheme,
but the Necrons nowadays are good at finding that, I nearly never see plain Silver Necrons nowadays.

but if you ask me, you can make every army badass if you have a feeling for the Army,
since everyone has a Army that fits his playing personallity and the Lore that he loves.
If you really like and feel with an Army, than it will surely become epic, trust me on that.
Just take your time thinking about Ideas you can make into reality.

I just love miniatures, so I really wanted to make something new,
something that wasn´t a thing yet, for my Necron Army
and therefore I did.
This is the reason why I keep converting nowadays.
diejango Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
the stroy is great man.
i kinda see how the necron army works by reading it...thank you:)
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I´m just doing what I can to make others and myself happy
and since making others happy make me happy too, I´ll try to improove in the future  ; D
herobrine67 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015
I read all of that lore, though I must say you could seriously do a little more with spacing. I was reading this and my eyes began hoping around sentences because it was so packed with words. Spacing would make a lot more pleasing to the eye is what i'm saying. I like the short little background and how everyone is more reaction to what the Overlord did rather then like a complete back ground of his life and stuff. Which I find rather interesting story wise. 

Also Red Shadows sounds like an awesome metal band, I just really like the design of this guy. He looks like someone who would be killing marines and taking names. Doesn't look like much of a strategist though but who cares? He is awesome as hell like that. I also find it quite unnerving knowing a Chaplain still fears something. Over all I think with some spacing would be a really cool background for the guy. So good work! 
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok I´ll try again to get it more readable.

The reason I didn´t describe it from his view is that I base the personality of my Necrons from the old Necron Lore, wich means they are soulless machines that don´t speak or communicate, every information about them is only able to be gained through other race´s eyes. The Necrons themselve don´t need history books. Every Overlord has learned many strategies, he might not be the best strategist, since he is more the duelist and sniper (as long as he has enough power for these weapons at his usage), but he is at least as good as a Captain of the Space marines, mostly I field more than one Overlord and he gives the controll about most of the army to the second Overlord, even though he is higher In commandorang, but the rang isn´t that importand since necrons (old Lore) have a mutual understanding about each other and are able to always act as one. I have Overlords under my command that litterally suck at fighting, specialising to battle strategics, like Nemesor Zahndrekh… even though he has his own Lore I use him with a quite different Lore that he fits my Army.
Try to fight with this mantle and staff lol.

The other story I got about him is through the eyes of an Imperial admiral, but that isn´t that good and I have already this one about him.
Furthermore I love storys that are told of someone that expirienced something, but wasn´t the 'true' main character in the story, the scriptor got to be one of the main persons at my story though, since he was the only survivor of the awakening until the chaos deamons got him. I just love the "Journey of Felix and Gotrek" that much, and there Felix tells the story about their journey where Gotrek is the true star while he is the second placed character.

and at last I´ll note that even some Primarches knew what fear means, at least that is what you get in the Novels of the Horus Heresy. Space Marines shall know no fear, but they do. Even if it is hard to let them fear anything, they will not fear Orks or "minor" things like that, but when It comes to the healthstate of their Leaders or some things that they never saw, then they can still fear something.
The only Marines I did never read fearing anything are the Grey Knights, they are extremely rare though.
herobrine67 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015
I like the old Necron lore, though the new one is kind of cool the old ones were more unique in that sense that they are a scary robot army that will kill you and everything you hold dear in a blink of an eye without even putting up a sweat (granted sweating Necrons would suck). 

"Journey of Felix and Gortrek"? Huh, never heard of this actually. Also yeah space marines are told to not feel fear, but Grey Knights are tough fuckers like that. I mean seriously, those assholes never die. Dont even get me started on Draigo...
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don´t like the dynasty system and that they were able to beat gods, would be like the chaos Marines beating their gods and make them their slaves....
that is my opinion.

I loved the old Lore so much, started to collect them becouse of that. Nowadays I just tell the old Lore and convert the new thing easily into it, since I don´t like the new Lore

p.s. weeee I did another step to make the text easier, but have to read through that ahain when I´m not sleepy
herobrine67 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015
Yeah, its more grimderp then anything. Anyway good job on the spacing
Dunnatren Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Student General Artist
Its good to see some necron conversions.
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah it´s very rare since they have nearly none spare parts and everything necrons have is selled by Gw.
Therefore nobody want´s to try something new.
But I love new and special things, therefore I convert nearly everything that get´s into my hands nowadays, but the only recent miniatures I painted (like in 1 year or so) are the space wolve Thunderwolves and I only upload painted things. I´m mostly converting but than waiting to paint untill I want to paint them, since it would look horryble if I force myself.
Dunnatren Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Student General Artist
I know what you mean. I have barely painted my Necrons... Cant find a good color scheme and I rarely get around to painting because I don't want to feel as though I am forcing myself.
Talancir Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a wonderful design! I wonder if I can take notes from it.
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thank you for the compliment, I thought that I had to bring fresh air into the Necron Army since I´ve never seen anyone converting Necrons before.
Since they have nothing to convert <.<
Dgs-Krieger Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
Speaking of overcompensating XD The Tachions Arrow is supposed to fire a single 'stachel' of solid metal at such speed that it pierces through anthing. You kinda killed the amazing weapon by making it massive.

Oh, well. At least it does look pretty frekkin' cool.

I'll read the story later, if I don't forget ^^"
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
At 'my' Lore it is a Laser and it regenerates it´s energy so he can fire it more often than once, needs a little time though, therefore even in the story he just uses 4 shots (both twice)
I never understand why this technoligy wasn´t done a big bigger to be a pistol or something, why it´s a one time watch of doom, make no sense to me even though the weapon is pretty epic. oh and it´s stupid that there is nothing to build this thing, they made new overlords from platic but like zero bitz.

took me way too long to translate it into 'proper' english
just read it If you are able to endure reading storys, some people never try to read the Lore so I tried to explain the needed basics within the Lore in short Form, while some explenations lake the geller fiel are pretty poor since it´s just the barely minimum.
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